Corona Virus - Quarantine @La Ventana Azul

Corona Virus - Quarantine @La Ventana Azul

In order to contribute our part to society, we decided to close down our hostel in March 2020 temporarly due to the Coronva VIRUS. But a few of our guests and team members decided to stay in our hostel that for in these days turned into a Shared Flat and a small Community making the best out of these challenging times.

We continue to live together obeying to the rules of the Spanish Government by not letting anybody else into the house. If you want to follow us, how we live like a family in these challenging times, then we would recommend us to follow our little blog Quarantine in Paradise: Gran Canaria!

As soon as we are back online and all of this is hopefully over, we will inform you here on our website! For now: thanks to everybody who visited our hostel in the last years. We hope to see you back soon again!

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