COVID19 News from Las Palmas!

COVID19 News from Las Palmas!

COVID19 News from Las Palmas

We would like to update you regarding the general COVID19 situation as well as the measurements we take to protect our guests.

In August we had to experience that the active Covid cases in Las Palmas were rising strongly. For that reason the local authorities imposed obligatory mask in all public areas. This law is still in place but thanks to that the active Covid cases are now decreasing strongly in September 2020.

So what does life look like right now in Las Palmas?

Basicall you will be able to live normal life, with all activities opened that you want to enjoy in your holidays. The biggest downfall is maybe that we have no nightlife right now. All bars close very early and there is no live music going on.

The good news is that if you do sport you don´t have to wear a mask. As well while hanging out on the beach. While you are in a bar or restaurant drinking our eating something you can obviously also take off your mask.

Our recommendation would be to do as much sports as  possible and join one of our activities like surfing, hiking, climbing, diving or paradgliding. See more activities.

COVID19 Measurements in the Hostel:

  • Take temperature of each guest at CHECKIN
  • Make guests sign a paper that they dont have any of the COVID19 sympthoms
  • Desinfection liquid in all common areas and shared dorms
  • Safety curtains in all bunk beds
  • We inform our guests to use a mask if 2 meters distance cant be kept
  • We offer now 5 private rooms and only 3 dorms (before 5 dorms and 3 privates)
  • at the moment (25th of September) MASK IS OBLIGATORY IN ALL COMMON AREAS of the hostel
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