FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Are you taking any measurements against COVID19 inside the hostel?

We offer desinfection liquid in all common areas and shared dorms of the hostel. Also we do take the temperature of all guest and arrival and make them sign that they don´t have any symptoms of COVID19. Furthermore we inform and remind our guests to keep 2 meters distance wherever its possible. We created 5 private dorms for more safety. Those protect those people who decide to book a shared dorm we installed curtains to all bunk beds.
Whats the COVID Situation right now in Las Palmas?
Well right now (October 2020) you can moove freely all over the city. All activities like surfing, diving, climbing etc are possible to do. If you don´t do sport you need to put a mask. Restaurants are opened but you need to put a mask if you dont drink or eat. The hospitals are not at all crowded at the moment. Only night life is dead at the moment but we can compensate this with many safe outdoor activities! Numbers of active COVID cases are strongly dropping the last 2 weeks.

Does Ventana Azul have a new location?

Yes during the lockdown in Spain (May 2020) we took over a new house right at the surfspot “La Cicer” and left our old location. We are still located right at the beach in the very centre of the dynamic barrio Guanarteme.

Can I work remotely at Ventana Azul? Is there a Coworking Area?

Yes in July 2020 we created 4 spots in the most quiet part of the house. There you can also enjoy free Tee & Coffee.
Can I checkin late at night?
Yes! We have a 24 hours checkin. If you arrive later than 10.30 pm we will send you instructions do to an automated checkin. No worries, its very easy! 🙂 Also for this late checkins we would recommend our night shuttle for only 35€ as the bus connections starting from 11 pm are not very good!

Do you offer luggage storage?

Yes we created a safe and locked up luggage storage which is for free during the day of your checkout. If you want to leave your luggage for several days while traveling on the island (or even other islands) you can leave your stuff with us in a fair and affordable way.

Can I lock my room?

All rooms have a lock yes. Some of them with keys, most of them with electronic system. Plus you will have your own locker! Safety is a priority at La Ventana Azul Hostel.