Get lost in the clouds, paragliding over Las Palmas!

Get lost in the clouds, paragliding over Las Palmas!

Today our Ventana team gained enough courage to witness our naturally-diverse home from extreme heights, unreachable to all of us mere mortals, by paragliding over Las Palmas island.

The sheer idea of jumping off a cliff that is 300m up high sounds like a terrifying ordeal, but to those of you who are feeling inspired by the recent Marvel superhero films, take it upon yourself to experience a unique and breathtaking trip to the skies. Because we did, and we loved every single moment!


We got picked up by our paragliding instructor by our meeting point in front of the Auditorium, 15 minutes to the west of Ventana Azul Hostel. The journey to the destination took a good solid 30 minutes, allowing us time to mentally prepare for the venture that we had all eagerly signed up for. 

The trip itself was 60 euros but the photos; they were priceless.

While waiting for each of our turns to fly, it was entertaining to watch our guys land back down with a bright, gleaming smile on their face. A feeling of conquering a fear of heights or relishing the moment of being up in the air, we felt safe the entire time.

With it’s consistent wind and gorgeous landscapes, Gran Canaria was the perfect place to begin our new obsession for paragliding. Not as adrenaline-fuelled or physically-vigorous as other activities such as surfing or bungee-jumping, but according to one of our paraglider’s, it’s ‘the perfect sport to enjoy while recovering from a hangover’ ha!



A great tip: Keep running towards the edge of the cliff (your paragliding instructor will thank you!)



Writen by Beekah

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