Get to know our new manager Paul!

Get to know our new manager Paul!

Paul Mace, 24 years, raised on a little island in the west of France.

Arrived to the island in 2017 to do an internship and still has not left ūüôā

He is an enthusiastic surfer & explorer of Gran Canaria.

“I’m usually not a big fan of big cities and capitals, but the area of Guanarteme is a total opposite to this. It really feels like a small town, where you recognize familiar faces along the promenade and it has a lot of local businesses and artisanal shops. “

Get to know the new soul of ventana!

  • Which was your reason to come to the island and how long are you here already?¬†

I was looking for an internship abroad which was necessary to finish my tourism studies and the Canary Islands particularly caught my attention because of the tropical climate and the waves. I sent a few emails to surf camps from different islands and Jordi was the first to reply. From what was supposed to be only a 6 month stay happened to become a long term settlement of 4 years and still counting…¬†

  • What was your image of Gran Canaria before you arrived and how did it change during these years?¬†

To be honest, I didn’t really research much on the island before arriving and I just kind of let it surprise me. As long as there was good climate and waves all year round, I went with the flow. I’m from an island in France, quite wild and rural, therefore, I knew I wasn’t going to get bored from it as I am used to having an island lifestyle. However, Gran Canaria happened to be a huge surprise and I never imagined that it would contain such a wide variety of landscapes, towns, and climates. I understand now when Jordi told me this was a small continent, and I am still discovering to this day new places and secluded areas of the island. Every coastline and town has their own authentic touch and there’s about everything you need to fulfill the needs of every type of tourism, whether you’re a young backpacker searching for adventure or a retired senior looking to relax during your stay.

  • What do you love personally about living in Las Palmas?¬†

I think I ended up in Las Palmas randomly, but after visiting most of the Canary Islands, I wouldn’t change to another place. I’m usually not a big fan of big cities and capitals, but the area of Guanarteme is a total opposite to this. It really feels like a small town, where you recognize familiar faces along the promenade and it has a lot of local businesses and artisanal shops.¬†

What I love the most about living here is to be able to change at home, grab my board and head to the beach barefoot. To be able to walk less than an hour and end up outside the city, in a wild area and disconnect easily. To be able to enjoy this city all year round, in low season as well as high season, and not worry about bad weather or local businesses closing for the season. 

The list goes on, but I reckon you get my point about the vibe of Las Palmas. 

  • What is your motivation and inspiration in this project? What keeps you moving forward in this project in these difficult times?¬†

What motivates me more is to be able to share this island’s magic with the people around me and show them not only what you see online or on the typical postcard‚Ķ¬†

During my whole professional experience in tourism so far, what keeps me going and makes me happy is to welcome someone on his first day, sometimes marked by the harsh past few days that he has been through, and saying goodbye to that same person a week after, physically changed by his stay and with a big smile on his face. 

Why did you choose to start a cooperation with Ventana Azul Hostel? 

In my opinion, I share many of Ventana Azul’s values. After getting to know Thomas, the team and the hostel itself while working for Jordi last month, it made me want to kick back into the tourism industry after a small break and to keep my experience growing, and Ventana Azul seems like the ideal place.¬†

  • How do you think that Ventana Azul guests can benefit from this cooperation?¬†

I’ve gathered many information and experience on the island and more particularly on customer service the past years. I would like to share this with VA guests and make sure everyone feels at home and connected.¬†

  • Which Top 10 Places on Gran Canaria would you recommend to visit to any guest of the hostel?¬†

РPiscinas de la Punta de Gáldar 

– Playa Gu√Į Gu√Į¬†

РBarranco de las Vacas 

РRoque Nublo and Pico de las Nieves (of course!) 

РJardin Botánico Viera y Clavijo 

РCharco Azul 

РBarranco de Azuaje 

РLos Tilos de Moya 



  • Which are your favourite outdoor activities on Gran Canaria and why is it the perfect place for these activities?¬†

Surfing: Simply because you can find all types of waves on the island, for all levels and with conditions that work all year round. 

Hiking: I’ve become a big fan of hiking since my arrival on the island and there are so many routes on the island that it’s impossible to count them all‚Ķ

Climbing: I have only done it twice outdoors so far, but it’s definitely one of the best activities for this island.¬†

  • If you would have to describe your life on Gran Canaria with 5 words only – which words would it be?¬†



– Sun


– Paradise

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