Paseo de Las Canteras 53 

35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Picture Building Ventana Azul Hostel

After your baggage claim you will arrive at the lower floor of the arrival terminal. Turn right, enter the escalator to the upper platform and you will arrive at the area for all kinds of public transport.

On the 1st floor you find the bus stop and taxis waiting.

Enter Line 60 to San Telmo/Santa Catalina, that leaves the airport every 30 minutes.

 It costs around 2,90€ to get to Santa Catalina Bus Station, which is the final stop on the line and your destination to get to La Ventana Azul.


Video Location Ventana Azul Hostel

Arriving at Santa Catalina bus station after a 30 minutes bus ride, walk across the Santa Catalina Parque towards “Calle Nicolás Estévez” and down the road for 750m until you reach the beach.

Watch out for road signs, pointing in direction of “Playa Las Canteras“. On the Paseo de Las Canteras, make sure the street numbers are
decreasing. As soon as you arrive at number 53, turn left and say welcome to our blue beachfront house (see picture beneath).

If you decide to skip the bus ride and to go with the hostel shuttle, it’s 35€ for the way from the Airport to Las Palmas. This way you will save aprox. 1 hour of time.




  1. Surf spot ‘La Cicer’
  2. Surf spot ‘El Lloret’
  3. Snorkeling
  4. The elevator
  5. Open air gym
  6. Beach tennis
  7. Oceanside
  8. Power yoga Canarias
  9. Beach volleyball
  10. Buceo 7 Mares
  11. Skate Park
  12. Bike and motorbike station
  13. Basketballs court
  14. La Ventana Azul
  1. Tico Tico
  2. Pachichi
  3. La Bikina Cantina
  4. Monte Líbano
  5. Cafetería la Eminencia
  6. La Despensa
  7. Amigo Camillo
  8. Supermarket Superdino
  9. Pharmacy
  10. Mercadona
  11. Car Rental
  12. Shopping Street ‘Mesa y López’
  13. Mercado Central
  14. Shopping Center ‘El Muelle’
  15. Shopping Center ‘Las Arenas’
  16. Ferry to other islands
  17. Cash machine