Top 11 Places to see Gran Canaria

Top 11 Places to see Gran Canaria

1. Valle de agaete

For many visitor & locals the most beautiful valley of the island. Located northwest, it offers the perfect mix of the sunny climate of the south plus enough rainfall (especially) in the winter, to turn it into a green, lush paradise. Its the perfect starting point for a hike to sacred & ancient pine wood forest of Tamadaba. But this valley also offers a nice beach & volcanic swimming pools. In the harbour you can find a bit touristy but still good fish restaurants. Visit Finca La Laja, one of the few coffee farms we have in Europe!

2. Vally of Santa Lucia & La Sorrueda

Feel like visiting Marocco? Then we recommend you this amazing car trip through the valley of Santa Lucia. You will pass by impressive volcanic mountains like the “Fortaleza de Ansite”. This in the summer very dry valley is full of history and special stories. We recommend you to walk down the valley of Sorrueda (a famous climbing area). From December to June you might find a little creek and pools to swim there (if you are lucky). Buy some local, ecologic olives in Santa Lucia and let the sun of the south warm your heart & spirit. If you have more time & energy you can drive all the way up to the highest mountains of Gran Canaria: the Roque Nublo and Pico de las Nieves (1950 meters of altitude).

3. Gui Gui Beach

Guigui Beach is one of the experiences you won´t forget in a lifetime. This beach is located on the opposite side of the island. To get there you can either hike from San Nicolás or Tasartico, the first one being the harder and longer path. Take some water & food with you. The hike is a minimum of 2,5 hours and can be steep and hard. Bring your sleeping bag and count the stars before you fall asleep with the sound of the soft waves of the south. Feel the ancient magic of “Tamarán” (old name for Gran Canaria).

4. Tilos de Moya

Welcome to the jungle! This ancient laurisilva forest is located only a 30 minutes drive from Las Palmas, next to the authenic little village Moya. Only a few hundred years ago the laurisilva forests covered a much wider part of the island. This forest gave and still gives Gran Canaria its humidity. It is an ancient forest from the times of dinousaurs which was erased in most parts of the world. You can walk around the forest for one hour. If you want to see more of this ancient forest we recommend to visit the village Firgas and drive up the “Barranco de la Virgen” (dirt track but ok with normal rented car) to the even smaller village Valsendero. From there drive further through the forest towards Valleseco. Take a deep breath and feel the spirit of the canarian jungle!

5. Dunes of Maspalomas

From the jungle to the desert. Its possible in one day! The famous Dunes of Maspalomas are located in the south of the island surrounded by the huge hotels of mass tourism. We recommend you to go there very early in the morning to see the sun rise behind the dunes and in the atlantic ocean. Observe how the colours of the dunes changes in the next few hours. Walk into the middle of the dunes and feel the silence and magic of the desert. We are so lucky to live on this magic island! Once you come close to the shore you will hear the waves louder and louder echoing throught the silence of  this small canarian Sahara.

6. Bandama Volcanoe

Believe it or not – this volcaone is located only a 15 minutes drive from our hostel! Its the perfect half day trip. There is also a nice viewpoint to see the city of Las Palmas and a big part of the east coast of Gran Canaria. If you want to hike you can either walk around the crater or even walk down into it! Its a very special and magic feeling to rest in the shaddow of the trees in the bottom of a volcaone! After the visit we recommend you to also have a look at the Botanic Garden (Jardín Botánico) or drive up the hills to the quiet village of Santa Brigida surrounded by palm trees and green hills!

7. Anden Verde

This place will leave you speachless or breathless. Sounds exagerated right? Go there and feel it yourself. The windy road just on top of the cliffs will make you feel like you are flying on top of the atlantic ocean. Trust us: This is really an unforgettable experience. The cliff road starts at the beautiful village of Agaete and ends in San Nicolás. We recommend you to stop at the village El Risco and have a 40 minutes walk up to the waterfalls of Charco Azul or the wild beach of El Risco. This is without a doubt one of the roughest and most untouched parts of this little continent Gran Canaria. We love it!

8. Barranco Las Vacas

This place is not more than a little crack in the middle of the dry eastcoast of Gran Canaria. But trough the last years it turned into one of the most popular & trendy “Instagram Hotspots” of the island. Its located close to the authentic coast village of Arinaga (worth a visit for its natural swimming pools and restaurants). After visiting this little canyon we strongly recommend you to visit one of the deepest and most beautiful valleys of the island: the Barranco de Guayadeque where you can see cave houses, a cave church and even a huge cave restaurant!

9. Ancient forest Tamadaba

The untouched heart of Gran Canaria. Perfect afternoon trip to see the sun set behind our neighbour island Tenerife. Listen to the peculiar sound of the wind playing with the pine needles as if they were an instrument. The silence and scenic expanse of this place makes you forget you are on an island, if it wouldnt be for the amazing views to the Atlantic Ocean. Actually you will be sitting on one of the 10 highest cliffs of the world! Do yourself a favour, rent a car & visit this place. 🙂 If you have more time than visit also the mountain village Artenara with its cave church and houses.

10. El Roque. The rock!

This charming little village ist nestled into a volcanic rock located just a 20 minutes drive from our Ventana Azul Hostel! Stroll through the narrow streets and feel the real canarian vibe. On the edge of this little cliffs you will find a very good italian fish restaurant. The owner is a bit moody so you never really know when its opened, but the food is amazing! Combine this little trip with a visit of the black sanded Vagabundos Beach (good surf) and after that drive up the mountain to the village Moya and visit its jungle called “Tilos de Moya”. Nice hangover trip for Sundays 🙂

11. Majestic Roque Nublo

Last but not least maybe the number 1 must see on Gran Canaria! This natural monument is located in the very centre of the round-shaped island of Gran Canaria. This place is the perfect ending point for your Gran Canaria Holidays. Watch the sun set behind Tenerife and the highest mountain of Spain (El Teide, 3718 meters) and remember one more time all the nice experiences you enjoyed on our little but still great Gran Canaria! There is something magic about this energetic place. It is located in the middle of the biggest crater of Gran Canaria and its unique shape makes it the number 1 landmark of Gran Canaria. For adreline junkies: Did you know that you can even climb the top of this 70 meters high rock? Its worth a try because it will open your view even more, so that you can even see Las Canteras Beach from up there!

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