Elsa Collingwood, 25 years old from the UK. Fulltime Editor.

 “Every day was different, but usually I’d wake up just before sunrise to the sound of the waves, take my coffee on to the terrace and check the swell. Then, depending on the waves, I’d do an unbeatable vinyasa flow class led by the wonderful Marit on the terrace, followed by breakfast in the company of the lovely ventanians.” read more.


Melike, 30 years old from Turkey. VIsual Artist.

 “Depending on the plans I had I either woke up earlier and went climbing all day long or I got up late and enjoyed my breakfast on the rooftop with a seaview and went to the beach later on. Either way I ended my days on the rootop of La Ventana Azul again and enjoyed a glutenfree beer.” read more

Matic, 30 years old from Slovenia IT / engineer

“Sometimes we took a car to explore the north or south shore, there are plenty of good surf spots around. And then back to hostel, chat with the folks, cook some foods, make new friends.. All the good stuff.” read more

Sava: Serbia, 23 , Mechanical Engineer

“The vibe, the energy that the people bring. It is always positive and it makes you feel like you are a part of the family even after 1 day. Plus the location is perfect and the rooftop is the best chillout area I have ever seen.” read more